The 5 Best GeeekPi Heatsinks For Raspberry Pi 4: The Complete Buying Guide

geeekpi raspberry pi set

When it comes to consumer-centricity, you can always rely on GeeekPi. That includes automotive products, home improvement and tools, and of course, video games and electronics. The last bit is where our interest lies, at least for this buying guide. Raspberry Pi 4 is among the most well-known SBCs available in 2022.  It’s compact, versatile, and impactful. … Read more

The Most Comprehensive Buying Guide On The Top 5 Raspberry Pi Rack Mounts

raspberry pi rack mount

A Raspberry Pi rack mount is essential for companies and organizations to maintain web servers and host private websites and servers. They can also be used to backup systems, learn programming skills, home automation, build projects, and much more.  If you want to use more than one Pi board, a rack mount helps connect several … Read more

Top 5 Raspberry Pi USB Cameras: The Immersive Buying Guide

raspberry pi usb camera

Cameras are important for every device, especially if you’re a programmer. That brings us to the below-mentioned Raspberry Pi USB camera options.  Even though technically a makeshift computer, Raspberry Pi USB cameras still require basic features. They are one of the most popular single-board computers (SBC). You can do almost anything with them, but their … Read more

A How-to Guide to DAKboard Raspberry Pi: Installation, Setup, and DIY!

dakboard raspberry pi

As technology improves with time, computers aren’t limited to our desks anymore. They are in our hands as mobile phones, in our ears as Bluetooth headsets, wrapped around our wrists as smartwatches, and with a DAKboard connected with Raspberry Pi, they’re on our walls as interactive displays! Here’s an intro to the revolutionary DAKboard Raspberry … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Raspberry Pi Cases and 3D Print!

raspberry pi case 3d print

With a simple circuit board design and a size no bigger than a credit card, Raspberry Pis run faster than a PC and power simple applications as well as large home theatres. Add in a case, and the single-board computer will not only be prevented from overheating — it’ll also look great. The best part? … Read more

Raspberry Pi Components: All There is to Know

raspberry pi components

A Raspberry Pi is a delightful treat for technophiles that allows its users to write complicated computer programs that can communicate with hardware using standard programming languages like Python and C++.  This minicomputer, however, isn’t just for programming. It’s easy to make it into a fantastic gaming simulator, media broadcaster, site host, and much more. … Read more