Python: Using a Lambda as a Class Method

Python: Using a Lambda as a Class Method

You can use Python lambdas in different contexts, from simple one-liners to more complex applications. One question that sometimes comes up among developers is whether a Python lambda can be used as a class method. This article answers this question. We will start with a recap of the basic structure of a lambda function, and … Read more

Does Python support private methods?

Private Methods in Python

Does Python have private methods in the same way other programming languages do? In this Python tutorial, we will answer this question. In Python, you can define a private method by prefixing the method name with a single underscore. Differently from other programming languages making a method private in Python doesn’t prevent you from accessing … Read more

How can I define a class in Python?

Python Class Definition

I know how to write scripts in Python and now I want to learn object-oriented Python. How can I create my first Python class? Creating a Python class means writing code that allows you to put together the data and behaviors that best describe a specific concept or entity. The data in a class is … Read more