Python Boolean: A Data Type For Your Logical Conditions

Python Boolean

One of the data types available in Python is the boolean. Knowing booleans helps create logical conditions in your Python applications. The boolean is one of the data types provided by the Python programming language. A boolean can have two values: True or False. Booleans allow to create logical conditions that define the behaviour of … Read more

For Loop in Python: A Simple Guide

For Loop in Python

The for loop in Python is one of the main constructs you should be aware of to write flexible and clean Python programs. The Python for loop is a control flow statement that you can use to iterate over a sequence (e.g. a string, list, tuple, dictionary, set, string). The for statement executes a specific … Read more

Is Python a Scripting Language?

python scripting language

Yes, you can use Python as a scripting language. Using Python you can write scripts to automate very simple tasks with just a few lines of code. At the same time considering Python just a scripting language is not accurate considering that you can use Python to create complex programs of any kind (web applications, … Read more