What is the sudo command in Linux?


I have seen people using the sudo command in Linux but I don’t understand why. What is the sudo command used for? In every Linux system, there is a user called ‘root’ also known as the administrator or superuser. This user has the highest level of control over the operating system. The term ‘root’ originates … Read more

Difference Between Sudo and Su Commands in Linux

What is the difference between the sudo and su commands in Linux?

Learning how to use the Linux operating system can be a complex journey, especially for beginner system administrators. Two fundamental commands that you will encounter while using Linux are sudo and su. Understanding the difference between the sudo and su commands is important for you to follow Linux system security best practices. This article will … Read more

How to Rename Files in Linux: Master the Command Line

rename file in Linux

Renaming files in Linux is a fundamental skill that every Linux user should have. Whether you are organizing your files, automating scripts, or managing servers, this is important knowledge to have. In this tutorial, we will explore the mv command and other techniques to rename files using the Linux command line. Rename a Single File … Read more

Linux Chmod Command Cheatsheet

chmod command

Use this cheatsheet to find out the meaning of a given chmod command. Understand how each command translates into filesystem permissions. The chmod command is used to set permissions for files and directories in a Linux system. It supports an octal permission format that is translated into read (r), write (w) and execute (x) permissions … Read more